*These are authentic testimonials from satisfied clients and referrals are available upon request.

I have been utilizing the services of Shop'N Deliver for quite some time

I love that they will deliver whatever it is I need from any store.
As I have a disability, it is sometimes hard for me to navigate the weather and traffic. They have amazing customer service and are very diligent in making sure they deliver the freshest products possible.
This company is for everyone from the elderly and disabled to the busy businesses and families.
-Violet B.-

I am a busy person and travel a lot for work

Shop'N Deliver has been a life saver as they pickup and deliver food for my aging Aunt who is in a seniors home. I would recommend Shop'N Deliver to any of my family and friends. They are very conscientious and have always delivered on time. The experience has been very convenient and stress free.
-Dippan S.-

Health reasons have made grocery shopping next to impossible for me

Shop ‘n Deliver has helped me remain independent , allowing me to stay in my own home.

I am very impressed with the care and attention given to my grocery orders, as well as their friendly , courteous and professional manner.

I am passing the word along to my neighbours and friends, as well as my young family members with children and very busy working lives.

-Maureen S.-

I am a senior shut-in who has home care take care of my medical needs. 
Unfortunately, they don’t offer other services such as grocery shopping, so I surfed the net. That's when I discovered Shop N' Deliver. For my first order, I emailed a list of groceries to be purchased from Superstore and Save-On Foods. After only one email in which I neglected to mention the specific quantity of a product, Shop'N Deliver immediately contacted me for clarification. The next time I heard from them, I was informed that they were only 20 minutes away and true to their word.
I live in a high rise and they brought my order to my door, confirmed that all was good, had a print out invoice plus the store receipts. I paid them and it was like I had been shopping myself. The order was perfect. About 12 items and all of them were what i would have bought.
This is a business well overdue with very good service, polite and efficient at a reasonable cost. I've used them 4 times and will continue my weekly shopping trips with Shop’N Deliver.
-Tom T.-

I recommend Shop'N Deliver to everyone.
They care about getting you exactly what you want.
Here is an example:
I email my grocery list (although you could probably phone your list in) I had ordered a can of Heinz Brown Beans and had not indicated the flavour (with tomato sauce or molasses etc. - apparently Heinz makes a variety).
After I had clarified all items on list were okay and what I wanted, I received another call during shopping; "Bev, Miracle Whip is on sale. For only 47 cents more I can get you a bigger jar". This proved to me that they care. Also, all my frozen food was delivered in a special insulated container.
I had ordered items from two other stores, thinking this would be an extra $5.00 each but was charged only $2.00 for each additional store shopped at.
Upon delivery, you get their Invoice, along with your store receipt(s).
I cannot say enough about this service except that I will never use any other.
-Bev W.-

Shop'N Deliver definitely lives up to its promises.
It really is a very friendly and personalized service, and is truly a bargain compared to the other shopping and delivery services fees. This service provider does go 'the extra mile' to shop for you!
-Norman S.-

Shop'N Deliver is reliable and very easy to work with.
I have used Shop’N Deliver for grocery shopping and am very pleased with the service provided.
They shop like they are spending their own money; making sure they find the right item for the best price.

Before making any decisions, my personal shopper communicates with me by text and pictures.
Shop’N Deliver is reliable and very easy to work with.

The owner is an honest and ethical person and I have no problem referring his services.-
-Roxine G.-