How Shop'N Deliver
Helps You Save Money!

Click on any of the tabs below to find out more about how  Shop'N Deliver can help you save on your grocery bill...

  • Eliminate Impulse Buying
  • Comparison Shopping
  • No Additional mark-ups
  • Save on transportation costs

With advance notice, Shop’N Deliver can check pricing among various local suppliers, scan flyers and price-matching offers etc. to give clients the biggest bang for their hard-earned buck.

One of the benefits of being based in Sherwood Park is Shop’N Deliver's accessibility to at least a dozen grocery retailers with less than 10 km distance (about an 8 minute drive) between the two furthest apart. This allows us to shop quickly shop multiple stores if necessary to maximize the best deals available at any one given time for only a few dollars more per store (see Pricing for more details).

As an independent operator, Shop’N Deliver has no allegiance to any one supplier in particular eliminating any restrictions on store-based policies favouring the best interests of the supplier rather than the customer.