2017 Rates & Discounts

  • Grocery Shopping
    & Delivery
  • Online Grocery Order Pickup & Delivery
  • Errand & Concierge Services
  • Available Discounts

$10.00 plus 10% of total store receipt(s). 
*Based on typical products with a value of less than $100.00 per item.

Example: Your grocery store receipt totals $150.00 
Shopping fee would be $10.00 + 10% ($15.00) = $25.00
**No Minimum Order Requirements!**

Additional Fees
(*where applicable and subject to change without prior notice)

  • $3.50 per each additional store shopped
  • $7.00 for On-Demand, Same Day Service, After Hours or Weekend Deliveries (by previous arrangement). *Please note

    *Please note orders received after posted hours of operation (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Mon.-Fri.) requesting delivery the following day will be subject to On-Demand/Same-Day Delivery Service Fees as orders are not accessed until the morning of the next business day.

  • $10.00 for return deliveries as a result of not being able to accept delivery at pre-arranged time (*Shop'N Deliver will wait upwards of 20 minutes before considering an order undeliverable).
  • $5.00 to pick up Coupons / Rewards or Loyalty Cards (e.g. Air Miles, PC Plus, Save-On More, Shoppers Optimum etc.) or other items prior to shopping. In many cases, these are digitally transferable via email or text message.
  • Credit Cards (VISA / Mastercard / American Express / Discover) are gladly accepted with the following Convenience Fee surcharges to offset service provider's mobile terminal processing fees:
    2.72% for credit cards swiped at point of delivery
    3.52% + 15¢ for manually keyed in credit card numbers