Helpful Ordering Tips

Pantry Items

Check the refrigerator, cupboards and pantry:

Use the products that you have on hand as a great source for product information. Prior to discarding empty containers and boxes, make sure to write down all the detailed information onto your grocery list. If you have a smartphone, consider taking a photo! Also make sure to include the following information: quantity, size, brand name and product description.


Save your receipts:

Almost everyone orders a large percentage of the same products weekly. Some grocery store receipts include important information such as brand name, product description, size, and price. By saving your store receipts, you can quickly develop a recurring grocery list.


Create and save grocery lists on your computer:

This way you can simply pull up previously used grocery lists at your convenience. Extra items can be inserted while recurring items that aren't required for that order can be deleted. For convenience, arrange your grocery list into categories (e.g. produce, meat, dairy, etc.). For a listing of websites featuring Grocery List templates available to download, click the GROCERY LISTS button directly below. These will come in very handy if you’re planning to email us your grocery order.


Check your weekly flyers:

Most supermarkets and food retailers have weekly flyers If you don’t already receive them weekly in your mailbox, call your favourite grocery stores and request to be included on their mailing list. These can help you choose products and save money. Remember also to check the newspaper for weekly specials on products! There are also a number of websites that list all the weekly flyers online. To access these websites, click the ONLINE FLYERS button directly below.


Use apps available for your Smartphone or Tablet:

There are many helpful apps now available for your smartphone or tablet. Click the HELPFUL APPS button below to learn more about how these apps can help you access online flyers, create your grocery list, save money and even get cash back on select product purchases.