This Pocket Molecular Sensor Scans Your Food And Reveals Its Nutritional Value

By Katherine Derla | Tech Times Consumer Physics came up with the SCiO scanner, a gadget that can analyze certain food’s nutritional value in just 10 seconds. The nutritional report is then sent to and viewed via its accompanying mobile … Continued

The Next Quinoa: Health Benefits of Millet, Teff, Buckwheat, and Supergrains

By Stephie Grob Plante Grains, contrary to carb-phobic belief, are good… but supergrains are even better. Admittedly, adding “super” to any food can make it sound healthier (supercheeseburgers!), but as with other superfoods, supergrains offer ample bang for buck when … Continued

Safe Plant-Based Probiotics to Fight Bugs Without Drugs

  For the first time ever, the same natural substance that your body manufactures and deploys to fend offand kill pathogenic invaders has been replicated through a state of the art ecosystem found exclusivelyat the growing facilities of Inc … Continued

Expert calls for activity icons that could help ‘reduce obesity rates’

By Will Chu, 08-Apr-2016 Food should be labelled with how much exercise is required to expend its calories in order to help promote an active lifestyle, said a leading health expert. See full story on Image courtesy of … Continued

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