This New Biodegradable Plastic Wrap Keeps Food Fresh Twice as Long

Using plastic wrap in the kitchen is certainly convenient, but it’s not exactly great for the environment. Thankfully, a brilliant team from The National University of Singapore has created a substitute that everyone can feel good about using. The two-person … Continued

The Minimalist Tool That Will Transform Your Tomato Sauce

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By Marco Canora (as told to Julia Bainbridge) | March 26, 2016 I’ve never been into the modernist manipulation of ingredients. I like real, traditional food and real, traditional tools. The food mill is sexy to me because it processes food … Continued

Watch Alton Brown Mercilessly Review Pointless Kitchen Gadgets

Fans of classic Food Network series Good Eats already know about Alton Brown’s disdain for so-called unitaskers, kitchen gadgets that waste space because they can perform only one job. Many a Good Eats episode featured Brown ranting and raving against … Continued