60 Professional Cooking Diagrams and Charts That Simplify Cooking

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By Vanessa Beaty | Originally posted on August 23, 2016 @ diyncrafts.com

When I was in high school, I had a chemistry teacher once who told us, “If you can cook, then you can do chemistry.” I remember finding this very odd, because I knew nothing about how to cook, and most of my attempts were met with little in the way of success. I am pretty sure that in the 10th grade, I was not alone in that regard.

Fast-forward to adult life, and I cannot say that I feel all that much more confident in the kitchen. In fact, in many ways I still feel like that kid in chemistry class. It is amazing watching the transformations that take place in my pots and pans when I am cooking, but my understanding of what I am doing is still pretty unsophisticated. Like my experiments in the lab, many of my experiments in the kitchen fail.

Thankfully, just as there are cheat sheets that you can buy to help you pass your chemistry class, there are cheat sheets you can download online to help you cook with confidence.

Following are 60 awesome infographics cooking charts which will help you cook up a storm in the kitchen!

I am going to share infographics with you which teach you how to do a wide variety of cooking preparations, but I want to start with a bunch of baking charts first. Why? Baking intimidates a lot of people. As a result, there are a ton of infographics which cover it. Believe me, after reading these, you are going to find baking a lot more approachable.

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