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Shopping and Errand Service!

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Groceries and so much more from YOUR favourite stores and supermarkets delivered right to your door!

Shop’N Deliver provides personalized, concierge-style shopping and errand services including groceries, household items, office supplies and more to residents, businesses and institutions in Sherwood Park and select Edmonton communities featuring:

  • No additional price markups - your cost is exactly the same as the price at the store(s). You keep the receipt
  • Choose from a wide selection of local shops and stores.
  • No membership or subscription required and no hidden fees
  • No minimum order quantities

Just imagine... no more fighting traffic and waiting in line at the checkout. Instead, spend your time relaxing and enjoying the things you're passionate about while we do the shopping and deliver to your home or business.

Scroll down to learn more about the Shop’N Deliver Advantage or, if you're ready to order...

Save Time!


Would it surprise you to learn that Canadians spend an average of 70 hours per year shopping for groceries? Imagine the things you could be doing instead with that kind of extra time! Another two weeks of holidays perhaps? More time to spend with family or friends doing the things you're most passionate about? The possibilities are endless!

Save Money!


Are you fed up with walking out of the grocery store having spent far more money than you originally intended to? It's not your fault. Most people aren't even aware that the major grocery stores already have their hand in your back pocket before you even set foot in the store. Read on to find out how Shop'N Deliver can actually help you save...

Eat Healthier!


The results of an 8-week pilot study concluded that the use of a grocery home delivery service like Shop’N Deliver, improved the household food environment. Participants reported that the service helped decrease impulse purchases and reduced the overall number of food items in the home thereby limiting access to unhealthy food choices.